Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

Are your dreams big enough?

Big enough to challenge you? Big enough to bring out your best? Big enough to bring about big and lasting improvements in your life?

It’s time to challenge ourselves. You and me. Time to really accomplish something important in our lives.

The end of March represents the end of the first quarter of 2019. Did you do something big, something important? Something you can be proud of?

I hope so, but more likely, like me, you’ve accomplished small things. You may be proud of them, but they’re not anything exciting.

So for the rest of the month of March I intend to plan out my goals for the second quarter of 2019. I’m going to set big, impressive goals. And make plans on how to achieve them. So by the end of June 2019, I will have accomplished something I can truly be proud of or I’ll come close enough to be impressed with myself.

I challenge you to do the same. Set some big goals. Some massive goals. Goals you don’t think you can accomplish. Something that scares you, at least a little bit. Something you don’t think you can do.

Follow me over the next couple weeks. Let me introduce you to some tools to help you get ready and to help you set and achieve your goals. And I’ll put it out here what I’m trying to accomplish. So you can follow along and see what I do.

Good luck!

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