Physical Fitness to a Better You

So you want to improve your life?  Have you thought about your physical condition?

I’m not saying you need to look a particular way to be a better person.  That’s clearly not true.  But one way to improve our lives is to improve our overall physical condition

A healthy body creates in us a better mind and a better spirit.  With a healthier body we have more energy to do the tasks we want to do.  It improves our attitude on all the things around us.  It gives us better endurance to put up with the pressures in our lives.

You don’t need to turn yourself into an elite athlete.  Simply someone who exercises regularly and eats well will be a better version of themselves.  Lower body fat improves our mind power and our energy level.  More regular blood sugars makes our minds clearer and our muscles a little stronger.

Exercise has so many benefits.  Lower blood sugars, more natural energy levels, better sleep……..the list goes on and on.  Some of us get a lot of activity in our jobs, which helps, but we can still benefit from some organized exercise.  Have a long work schedule?  Try some shorter workout programs.  There are some that start at 5 to 10 minutes a day and can add up to some significant improvements in your health.

Make sure you are eating better also.  Higher fiber, more natural foods, less processed foods, all these things make a big difference in your health.  Pay attention to what you are eating.  Keep a food journal.  See how different foods affect your energy levels.  And most importantly, learn how to correct what isn’t working.

Lastly, consider the bad habits in your life.  Do you smoke?  Do you use recreational drugs?  Do you spend a lot of time in front of the tv?  what sort of things are you watching or reading?  All these things can make a difference in your life.  Do your best to reduce the amount of time you spend on negative habits.  And watch your health and your energy level improve.

If you’re having trouble getting started on your journey to better health and a better you, here’s a good resource:



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