Privacy Policy

Here’s my policies in a nutshell:

If you’ve opted into my list, I’ll deliver the free report or item that you opted in for.  After that, you’ll be on my mailing list for all my future emails.  That is until you decide to take yourself off of my list.

I’ll likely email you every few days; several times per week.  My emails will consist of a number of different things.  From just some basic information to help you out, updates on what’s happening on my website, to new products that I’ve got for you, or from others that I think will help you out.

Currently I’m using Oninbox to deliver my emails and manage my email list.  At the bottom is an unsubscribe link.  So use that if you’ve had enough.  If you have any trouble, just go to my contact page and email me there.

I DO NOT share or sell your information to anyone else.  If you unsubscribe, I will delete all information I have of yours.

The only information I have on you is your name and email.  That I obtained when you signed up for your free download.

To my knowledge I do not use cookies.  I don’t really know how that would work anyway.  If that changes, I’ll update this policy.

If you transfer to another site for payment, you’ll have to check with their policies.  For instance, PayPal, JVZoo, Warrior Plus.

So hopefully this helps you understand where I’m coming from and what I do with your information.  If you have any questions or comments, please visit my contact me page and let me know.