What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

So do you believe in luck?

Do you believe that some people are just lucky? That our lot in life is the result of some cosmic dice roll?

There’s some safety in this belief. If you think it’s all up to fate, or luck, or just the whim of some cosmic force, then if things don’t turn out……….well, heck, at least it’s not YOUR fault.

But it takes away that possibility and sense of personal responsibility. It cedes control of your life to someone or something else.

And I do not feel that is a very empowering place to be.

In my own world view, my own life, I feel there is definitely some sense of fate or luck involved. However, I believe this is only in the presentation of opportunity. I also feel this is something we all have access to.

I lead a very busy life. One of my jobs is as a door to door salesman. I knock doors for a home improvement company looking for homes with projects. When I find one, I do my best to try to set them up with an appointment with one of our sales personnel.

I do feel there is oftentimes luck in finding the right homes. Finding the house with a project, and with a homeowner who is willing to listen to me, and who is willing to sign up to talk to a salesperson.

In watching my coworkers, I see that sometimes I get a street with a lot of things to do while the street they work on does not. So there’s a small degree of luck involved in that process.

Beyond that, it is clearly up to me. I’m the one who has to do the work to convince the homeowner to talk to us. I have to use the skills I have to be convincing to them of what I have to offer and that we are a good choice.

In the end, luck plays a small roll. But my ability and my personal responsibility is the basis of whether or not I become successful in my job.

I have been fairly successful in this job. And while I do feel there is some luck involved in ending up in the right places at the right time, I KNOW it is my skill and ability that has allowed me to be successful in what I do.

Do not allow luck to rule your life. Learn to use it in order to maximize your skills an abilities.

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